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Share Your Home - Not Your Cold

Still sick, but don‘t want to risk the health of others? Read our tips and learn how to avoid spreading your germs with those in your household.

5 Drinks and Foods to Help Boost Your Immune System

Boost your immune system with these 5 'grab and go' foods and drinks. Find out more on our website.

Avoid Germs on an Airplane

Germs are frequent fliers, meaning airplanes are a hotbed for catching a cold and getting the flu. Learn what to bring on the plane with you to help avoid germs and viruses.

6 Common Sources of Germs on Airplanes

Learn where germs are on planes, and why your chances of catching a cold or the flu increase when you fly. View more on our site.

What is Flugge?

Learn more about Flugge, the Canadian art of getting cozy and slowing down to get better, and how NeoCitran can help you along the way!

The Flugge Tea Ritual

Sit back and relax while we teach you how to do the official Flugge Tea Ritual with a warm mug of NeoCitran.