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What is the Common Cold?

It's not always easy to tell if you have a cold or the flu. Visit our website to learn more about the common cold and what you can do to ease symptoms.

Three Early Signs of Cold and Flu

Properly reacting to a cold or flu starts with understanding the early warning signs. Learn about common early warning signs and more on our site.

How Long Are Cold or Flu Contagious?

Cold and Flu are clinical conditions caused by viruses and are easily transmittable. Visit our site to learn how to avoid getting others sick and how long you are contagious.

Cold & Flu

Find some healthy tips and articles to help get you through cold and flu season. Explore these and a variety of other articles dedicated to the cold and flu virus.

Getting Over the Common Cold

You want a cold to go away as fast as possible, but how long does it take? Visit our site to learn about the factors involved and how to get over a cold fast!

7 Myths and Facts about Flu Shots | NeoCitran

Visit our site to learn more about common flu shot facts and myths, as well as ways to reduce the chance of catching a cold