How Do I Avoid Catching a Cold or the Flu?

Sometimes catching a cold or the flu can be unavoidable. The same goes for passing a cold or the flu on to others. However, there are things that you can do to minimize the chances of either occurring. See the tips in this infographic and learn ways to help yourself and others, avoid getting sick.

Keep it to yourself.

Stay home if you’re not feeling well or are experiencing signs of the flu.

Well-rested keeps you well.

Sleep-deprived people produce fewer virus-fighting cells.

Avoid sick people.

You can’t catch what you’re not around.

Wash your hands. Often.

Particularly after being out in public.

Pick up after yourself.

Don’t leave dirty tissues around. Use and throw away.


Stress releases cortisol that negatively affects your immune system.

Mind your business in the office.

Don’t use other people’s phones or computers.

Avoid handshakes with sick people.

Cold viruses can live on skin for up to 3 hours.

Contain coughs and sneezes.

Use a tissue, or even your sleeve.

Work it out.

30 minutes of regular exercise helps your body avoid illness.

Do a shot.

Get a flu vaccine every year.