When is Cold & Flu Season?

Couple sharing a warm blanket

Unless you live in a bubble, chances are you will be exposed to the cold and flu virus. While these contagious viruses can be found year round in Canada, they are most common during the fall and winter. Cold and flu activity often begins to increase in October.

When is the peak of flu season?

Chart showing peak flu season

Every season plays out differently, but typically the peak of cold and flu season is between December and February. In fact, according to the CDC, during a 34-year period dating back to 1982, February was the peak month of flu activity during 14 seasons.

When does flu season end?

Usually flu season lasts for about 12 weeks, according to experts. But that can vary quite a bit, depending on where a person lives and how many strains are circulating.

5 ways to prepare for cold and flu season

1. Consider getting a flu shot because the CDC says it reduces the risk of getting sick by 50%
2. Wash your hands frequently
3. Minimize contact with sick people and keep your distance from those coughing or sneezing
4. Stock up on NeoCitran over-the-counter cold and flu medicines