It’s Not Winter, Why am I Sick?

Learn reasons why someone might catch a cold in warmer months. 

When we think of getting sick, we usually associate that with cold weather. While it’s true that in winter months the chances of getting sick are greatly increased, it is possible to get the flu all year round. Here are four ways to help avoid getting a cold or flu in warmer months.

Woman with scarf

Wear multiple layers.

In warmer weather, especially spring and early fall, people tend to not be prepared for sudden temperature drops when the sun goes down. Make an effort to wear layers that you can put on and take off as needed.

Guys with bikes

Take breaks while exercising.

While steady exercise can be good for your immune system, a sudden change to too much physical activity at once can cause fatigue, which hurts the immune system’s ability to fight viruses. Try taking breaks and deep breaths to lessen fatigue, and always stay hydrated.

Man adjusting temperature

Don’t stand near blasting air conditioners.

Air conditioners extract moisture from the air and can dry out the protective tissues in your nose, leaving them cracked and more susceptible to infection. Try moving to an area where the cool air is not directly hitting you too intensely.

Airplane seats

Prepare for air travel.

Summer months typically mean more air travel, which can pose a higher risk for getting sick. Close quarters and poor air circulation make the spread of germs much easier. Pack some hand sanitizer and an extra layer of clothes in your carry on.
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